Round One Entertainment - Puente Hills Mall - 2.22.14

Yuna at The Casbah 2.19.14

Kisses at Soda Bar 01.23.14

Went to the Supreme store in LA for the first time. What’s a Tumblr without a Supreme photo, right? 01.18.14

Some random art off of Melrose. 01.18.14

The Griffith Observatory. Named after Griffith J. Griffith (Yes, same first and last name) 01.18.14

A few of my Christmas gifts 12.25.13

There was a fire out behind my mother’s home over a year ago. The ground is still black and the smell of ash still lingers. The plants and trees are left with a unique look about them. 12.22.13

Some shots from work 12.20.13

Yuna at the Bootleg Theater 12.19.13